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Helping you to live well with cancer

Physiotherapy is beneficial in every stage of the cancer journey; before, during and after treatment. Limestone Coast Cancer Rehab are a team of local physiotherapists qualified to provide a wide range of cancer rehabilitation services. We work closely with oncology medical teams to provide safe, effective, and holistic treatment. We aim to help you achieve the goals and quality of life that matters to you.



BEFORE treatment has commenced, you can start physiotherapy known as prehabilitation. A higher level of fitness pre-treatment carries through the treatment phase resulting in a higher level of fitness post-treatment.



DURING treatment, in many cases it is possible to continue exercising at a low level. Evidence shows that any exercise is better than none enhancing the effectiveness of treatment and reducing side effects.



AFTER treatment has been completed, physiotherapy is known as rehabilitation. It involves rebuilding strength, endurance and flexibility to live well and achieve your goals.

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